Saturday, 31 December 2011


The Day of The Bersanding Ceremony
(Wedding Reception)

Wedding Invitation Card For The Guests
( Usually the wedding card should be given away a month 
before the Wedding reception)

Various of Souvenir For The Guests

Bunga Telur
( Bunga is "Flower" and Telur is "Egg")

"Bunga Telur" or Flower Egg...
fully boiled chicken egg wrapped decoratively.
This is the traditional Malay gift to the guests.
Flower Egg is a symbol of fertility and it is
hoped that by giving out the Flower Egg
the married couple would be blessed
with many childrens....

(The special made Malay wedding Dais...)

Beautifying Up ... The Bride

Behold ... a beautiful bride fit for a 
Prince is now ready for him.....

(Dyeing fingers with henna...)

"Berinai" ceremony which is the dyeing
with henna of the fingers and the feet of the bride.
This is to shows that the girl just get married...

(The bride and groom arriving in procession )

(Hand drum...)

The group of mostly teenagers will
beat the kompang (hand drum) and
sing Quranic verses and good wishes...
during the arriving in procession
the bride and groom.

The Guests...Families and Relatives

The Bersanding Ceremony

During the Bersanding ceremony, the bridal
couple will be seated on the Dias.
The newly-wed couple undergo the Bersanding
Ceremony. The bride and groom are treated as
King and Queen for a day...
The Bersanding ceremony is a way to 
show the married couple to all
the relatives, friends and guests
that the couple have now tied
the knot and now
husband and wife....

Decorative Canopy

The feasting take place for the Bride and Groom... 

The special table for the wedded couple,
VIPs and family with the special dishes and
decoration on the table...

The guests...families...relatives feasting
the special food and dishes...

Right after The Bersanding ceremony
the wedded couple and the special guests
will attend a celebratory feasts called
the "makan beradab". This involves the 
bride and groom, seated with the
family and the VIPs at a special table for
the wedded couple by the special
dishes and decoration on the table.....

The End of The Day.....

(To who it appreciation for using the articles and all the photos....
To whom who view my blog....all this are about my race...Malay
Thank you....)

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